What is Sexy Selfies?

To put it simply Sexy Selfies is a photo sharing app currently only available on The App Store on Apple. Let’s take a deeper dive into where Sexy Selfies came from and why.

In the beginning there was Sexy Now there is Sexy Selfies!

Sexy Selfies was conceptualized 6 years ago by a non-techy group that wanted to have a platform where people could share their sexy selfies, whether they were fitness selfies at the gym or sexy bathroom selfies from a local restaurant that you were looking hot at or just before going out. Whatever the case may be, what was going on at the time and still is today was that people would troll these people for posting whether they were aunts, uncles, parents or friends you get the idea. So the idea was hatched to have a Sanctuary for Self Expression a place where people could post confidently and without the fear of being picked on or made to feel bad about wanting to share their sexy moments with other like minded people around the world.

At first the idea was well okay let’s build it and see what happens, we did some testing and finalized the MVP version of the app, went to place it on The App Store with apple and we were turned down 4 times UNTIL that magical day happened and on April 25th of 2018 we were finally approved by Apple!

So here we are 2 and a half years after launch still promoting that sexy is not just about being sexual rather it’s a state of mind, it’s not just reserved for people that judge based on what society thinks is sexy but for what you as an individual embraces. If you don’t find someone or something sexy then that’s okay that is your choice but keep it to yourself, if you do think someone or something is sexy then let that member know by simply swiping right on their photo or post! That’s as simple as it gets.

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