Onlyfans Client Burnout

If you are a content creator and post to an Onlyfans account you may have experienced something known as client burnout. You may have experienced a decline in your member base or that you have had to reduce your monthly rate from $20 per month down to $3.99 per month, to keep existing clients or […]

Why is Sexy a Naughty word?

During our time of being a live app on The App Store (Thank you Apple) we have discovered that many people or organizations (we won’t mention who in this post….content moderators at Instagram) oops.. have black listed our name due to its sexual connotation or sexual nature! So we decided to look up the definition […]

How to sell your sexy photos online!

In the world we live in as it stands right now with all of us dealing with the pandemic of COVID 19 there are a number of you that have been affected financially from losing your job or being forced to take a lower wage…it’s not easy for any of us except for the 1%. […]

What is Sexy Selfies?

To put it simply Sexy Selfies is a photo sharing app currently only available on The App Store on Apple. Let’s take a deeper dive into where Sexy Selfies came from and why. In the beginning there was Sexy Now there is Sexy Selfies! Sexy Selfies was conceptualized 6 years ago by a non-techy group […]